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Videos Have Quickly Become The Most Important Business Marketing Tool To Elevate Your Reach And Grab Attention

We make brand videos, stop-motion social media promos, product showcase videos, video commercials, aerial videos, and many more custom video production projects tailored to your business video needs.

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Video ads, business promotion, how-to, educational, product promo, reviews, training, and social videos – We make all kinds of custom videos!

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It’s Never Been This Easy to Get an Original and Unique Video for Your Brand!

1. Prep & Script

We take your ideas and prep them with careful planning with specific goals in mind based on your brand. Rest assured that your video will be both killer in looks BUT also gets YOUR message across in the right way with YOUR unique voice and tone.

2. Production

We have all the gear a production crew could want. It’s production heaven for them to be honest. This opens their creative minds up to producing any type of video you want with extreme PRECISION, ACCURACY, and SKILL. This is our favorite part of the project.

3. Finalize & Deliver

At this stage, our team of highly skilled video editors and creatives work their magic to bring your project to life. We meticulously piece together the footage, carefully balancing PACING, RHYTHM, and STORYTELLING to create a seamless visual experience.

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Our Available Products

Video & Photo Production

Business Videos

We excel in producing all-encompassing, high-quality videos that effectively communicate your brand’s story, values, and vision. Our creative team will craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your target audience, leaving a lasting impression and driving engagement.

Digital Attic Video Production - Service - Business Videos

Product Videos

We specialize in crafting high-quality, eye-catching product videos that showcase your merchandise in the best possible light. With our creative flair and technical expertise, we’ll bring your products to life, capturing the attention of your audience and driving sales.

Digital Attic Video Production - Service - Training Videos

Product Photo

We excel in creating striking, high-quality product images that highlight the unique features and beauty of your merchandise. Our artistic touch and technical know-how will transform your products into visual masterpieces, captivating your audience and boosting sales.

Digital Attic Video Production - Service - Product Photos

Training Videos

We’re experts at producing compelling, high-quality videos that make learning enjoyable and effective. With our tricks for simplifying complex concepts and engaging viewers, we’ll create impactful content tailored to your educational needs.

Digital Attic Video Production - Service - Training Videos

Aerial Production

We specialize in capturing stunning aerial videos and photos using cutting-edge drone technology. Our skilled pilots and creative team will showcase your subject from breathtaking perspectives, providing you with awe-inspiring content that soars above the rest.

Digital Attic Video Production - Service - Aerial Video Photo

Construction Videos

We excel in creating high-quality videos tailored for construction companies, including promotional content, training videos, and project hand-offs. Our creative team will expertly capture the essence of your work, highlighting your craftsmanship, skill, and professionalism.

Digital Attic Video Production - Service - Construction Videos

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Digital Attic Video Production Services

Professional Video Production Services

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Strategy & Planning

Concept Design

Bring your story to life! At the start of your project, our professional video team will be asking you a lot of questions with one goal in mind, making sure the feel of the video is right and tells your story effectively. We want to correctly relay your message to your customers through the design. Many larger video projects require working through the conceptualization of the project. We have designers, animators, compositors, and script writers who can help bring your project to life. Our team can create storyboards and concept sketches to make sure the project tells the story the way you imagined.

Strategy & Purpose

Creating QUALITY content for your video takes the time and experience of a professional team. QUALITY being the keyword. You don’t want to create something that doesn’t relay the appropriate message for your company. Every video project needs a strategy and purpose in order to produce that quality content. We will work with you to create a great strategy, define the purpose and goals, and ensure your project is a huge success. Our decades of experience, yes we said decades, can help you create the perfect visual masterpiece.



The creativity involved in the location, props, scenery, and shots can make or break your video project. Our team will assist in picking out the best locations and obtaining permits if needed in order to create your video project. We even have a potential client who wants us to scout a project in Hawaii. With that said, we have filmed all over the United States and in three other countries. Selecting the right location can make a huge impact on your project’s success. Whether you need filming in a specific location, our state of the art studio, or a location you are still navigating, we can help.

Design & Style

The production design is a key element in creating the quality content you want your potential clients to see. Our graphic design team helps on every video project to create the best overlay and motion graphics for your project. Movement and style can help make sure your project looks and feels right for your brand. We even have animators on staff if you need that extra special element for your video.


Storyboarding your video project is part of a great strategy. It helps to identify any areas that might need more work and ensures a well thought out video. It also helps us make sure that the correct story is being told to your audience. Making changes through a storyboard review will help save a lot of time and money as well as move your project along with confidence. 


Capturing Moments

Seize the moment! Our team has an eye for capturing amazing shots and preserving them in your video masterpiece. Yes, we have tons of tools, gadgets, camera sliders, and drones but none of that matters if the person operating doesn’t have a creative eye. Just because someone has a camera, doesn’t make them a professional. Our team has all of the tools but more importantly, has the eye for capturing moments. Plus our video team is fun so the experience will be enjoyable. Video production really is fun!

Color Correction

An effective video will make you feel a certain way whether it be happy, nostalgic, inspired, or energized. Color grading helps to set that visual mood. Our team uses the latest technology to make sure the tone of your video has the consistency and feeling of your brand. Color grading footage to achieve a consistent look and feel adds a professional touch that will make your video stand out.


Motion Graphics

When people watch your video you want them to feel something. Creative use of motion graphics is one of the most important factors in creating the right feeling. Using animation and digital technology our professional video team will add movement that increases the quality of your video project. We call this sweetening your video and it can include audio effects as well. Adding professional motion graphics to your final design will get you that powerful response you want. 

Editing & Approval

Arranging the shots effectively to create a beautiful video takes a lot of time and expertise. At Digital Attic we use the most up to date video editing software on the market. We also have professionals who know how to use these powerful tools to create the video masterpiece you are looking for. There is so much that goes into making a video but we know that most of the time is spent in the editing bay. Our editing staff provides versions of your video for final review and approval so you can continually be updated throughout the project.

Marketing & Broadcast

Get ready for a huge return on your investment (ROI). Whether you chose branding, informational, instructional, social, or multiple videos you can rest assured that telling your story through video will boost conversions. Once your professional video project is completed, we will send you finalized files for the different formats and codecs you need for that medium. We love video production and can’t wait to share your story with the world!

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