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Digital Marketing

Through digital marketing, you can increase customer loyalty, get better client communication and trackable metrics, easily target your ideal customer, and improve conversion rates by capturing more leads. Digital marketing can be overwhelming. Let us show you what works and what doesn’t.

Take the guesswork out of your digital marketing by working with us! There are so many benefits to digital marketing and these are just a few of the benefits. So much advertising today depends on having an online strategy and having a team who knows how to execute it for you. Digital Attic has been helping companies of all sizes with digital loyalty programs, online contests, and ongoing client nurturing campaigns, funnel conversion pages, inbound marketing efforts, and digital marketing campaigns. No matter the project size or scope, our team can develop a digital marketing plan customized to meet your goals.

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Digital Attic Digital Marketing Services

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Buyer Persona

Understanding who your customers are will improve your marketing strategies as well as internal processes to serve them better. Building an effective marketing plan requires you to know your audience and how to connect with them. Who is your customer? Better yet, who is your best customer? When you understand who they are and their needs you will develop great customer relationships. You will also be able to easily target your best customer in your digital marketing efforts.

Goals & Deliverables

In today’s digital world it makes more and more sense to hire a team of experts to handle your digital marketing tasks. This smart marketing move benefits businesses of all sizes because it takes expertise and time to develop marketing plans. Marketing requires goals in order to be effective. A question we often ask our customers is, “At the end of this marketing effort, how are you going to determine it was successful?”  Asking questions like this are critical in making sure your expectations are met. We would love to talk to you and help set reasonable expectations and take the digital marketing workload off of your plate.

Research & Planning

Channel Research

The importance of knowing which digital marketing channel to use is critical. We will help familiarize you with the best marketing channels in order to maximize your advertising budget.  We know that each channel for communication has its pros, cons, and costs. Some have great measurement tools but can be very expensive. Others might be more targeted and cost more but are highly effective. Some are free and don’t work. There are a ton of variables in creating an effective marketing campaign and channel research is a key part of it. Let us help you navigate through the many channels available to you.


How does a company successfully convert a lead to a long-term customer who in turn boosts profits? The phrase, “plan now our pay later” comes to mind. Much of the start-up costs for an effective marketing campaign are making sure you have a plan in place. Our team works with you to create a campaign plan, communication plan, reporting plan, and a refinement plan. This allows us to quickly pivot when needed because we have plans and contingency plans in place. Although digital marketing is more convenient it takes dedication and planning that we can guide you through.


This is the fun part where we get to create the graphics, videos, and messaging for your campaigns. Our professional team works together to make sure we develop content to accurately represent your company. From SEO and content strategy experts to web and print designers, videographers, and developers. It takes professional skills of all kinds to produce effective ads that boost your profits. 

Broadcast & Monitoring


Your digital marketing campaign’s success relies on distributing the produced materials to your end-user in the most effective way. The distribution channel will depend greatly on who your customer is. This is why the buyer persona is so important. We want to make sure in our strategy we understand who we are reaching for your company and that we set up your distribution to get you the most bang for your marketing bucks. Our team of creative and technical staff works together to make sure that your distribution channels are working for you.


Tracking & Reporting

Results matter! We have taken over so many marketing campaigns for a new customer who had no idea if their marketing efforts were effective. This is the beauty of digital marketing, it is easily tracked for highly effective reporting. We believe in transparency. We will help you understand any report we present. Know your ROI and rest assured we track with the industry’s most accurate software analyzed by professionals who can present reports that make sense.

Audit & Refinement

There is a secret behind a great ongoing strategy. Information! Clear reports showing where you are missing the target will help us refine your strategy and get you on the right track. We don’t have a one size fits all program for our customers. Each company or organization has its own goal which is why we audit our campaigns. Some campaigns work from the start and others need to be refined. Our team is excited to build relationships with our customers so we can meet regularly to review what is happening and make adjustments to benefit your overall campaign.

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