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Maintenance & Hosting

Are you tired of working with someone who has gone silent on you? Digital Attic will handle your website hosting and website maintenance with proactive support. We communicate … we know, amazing!

Power up with our professional website support team and our network administration team. We can take on your biggest challenges and take the burden of maintenance off of your plate. Talk to our team today and let us show you what real support looks like and how you can package website hosting and website support to save time and money.

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Digital Attic Maintenance and Hosting Services

Web Hosting and Maintenance Services

Interested in having us manage your website hosting and website security services? We would love to hear from you. Give us a call at (559) 324-9341 or click the link below.

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Hosting & Domain

Hosting Packages

A great web hosting company can be your secret weapon to a well running and reliable website. We have custom tailored packages to fit several business sizes and needs that include security, analytics and updates.

Domain Management

If you want to keep everything under one convenient roof we offer domain management. Whether you have one domain name or several we will keep your domain names up to date for as long as you need.

Support Center


Websites require ongoing maintenance and updates in order to stay relevant. You need a service provider you can rely on to make sure everything is running smoothly. Our support team offers webpage updates to copy, photos, additions of content, and other services you need to keep your website relevant.

Software Updates

Website platforms are constantly changing and require updates in order to keep up. There are crucial activities going on behind the scenes that ensure a great experience for your website user. We run the proper diagnostics to figure out what needs to be completed for your website to be up to date and running well.


Proactive Maintenance

Unfortunately websites are often under attack from hackers and bots. We run security checks to reduce the risk of an attack and provide security software that is known to protect your site from malicious attacks. If any security breaches occur our IT professionals will apply blocks and preventative measures to get your site back on track.

Uptime Monitoring

When we host your website we offer a service that alerts us if your website is down. We will take the steps needed to ensure your website is running again in the quickest time possible.

Website Backups:

In the unfortunate case of data loss we will keep a backup of your website stored on our servers. With a proper back-up you can quickly restore your website back to normal with little disruption. This is one of the single most important steps you can take on a consistent basis.

Website Optimization

Technical SEO

There are several professional SEO tools we have available to take this daunting task off your hands. We know how to analyze the data and provide you with the best direction to make sure your website meets best practices.

Search Engine Rank Placement

Rank placement is on everyone’s priority list. It refers to your placement on search engines and everyone wants to be at the top. There are various factors involved in who ranks where. We take a look at your key phrases, content, competitors, backlinks and more to determine how to get you the best placement over time.

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