Web Hosting

Just set it and forget it? A website should be updated monthly at the very least. Are changes done quickly and accurately? Is your current hosting company doing that for you? Worry-free hosting and maintenance options are available from Digital Attic. 

Know Your Customers

Digital Attic offers convenient hosting options that give you free 30 minutes of site maintenance a month.

Got a quick change you need to be done on your website?

Space and Storage

Digital Attic will work with you to customize a web hosting option that makes sense for your business. Why pay for services you won’t use? Give us a call and we can help you figure out a personalized solution for your storage capacity, bandwidth usage, databases, and email address needs.


Businesses are enthusiastic about setting up facilities on the web for electronic commerce. But the reality is the Internet and websites are extremely vulnerable to compromises of various sorts — hackers in particular. As businesses utilize the Internet for more than information dissemination, they will need to use trusted security mechanisms. Digital Attic provides various solutions to help protect you, your company, and your client’s information from falling into the wrong hands.

Technical Support

Should you choose to host with Digital Attic, our expert staff knows the ins and outs of your technology and account. Our job is to make sure you get the performance and support you’d expect from Digital Attic. Just email us at support@digitalattic.com and your request will be answered. Most updates and maintenance requests are completed on the same day.

It’s one of our many ways of going the extra mile for our clients.