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Stuggling to rank in search engines? SEO is still possible and we can navigate this with you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You have a great website, now what? It seems that your competitors are ranking higher and you don’t know where to go to get answers. When trying to find someone in this space, make sure to check how they rank first! Saying you can do this and doing it are two different things Don’t be fooled by companies that say they can press a button on their computer to get you ranked.

Search engine optimization has to be part of any web design project or ongoing website marketing effort. The SEO space is ever-changing and is impossible for you to navigate on your own. We are very transparent with our process and are excited to help educate you on how we can boost your ranking. Be very suspicious of any company that says they can get you ranked on the first page if you pay a small monthly fee. We can get you results and are honest in setting realistic expectations. We have helped many customers achieve their goals and rank higher than the competition. We will let you know when we find the button on our computer to rank you on the first page of Google. Until then, let us help you journey through this space.

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Professional SEO Services

Interested in moving up in search engines? SEO can be confusing without having someone like us on your team. Give us a call at (559) 324-9341 or click the link below.

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The best way to help in optimizing your website is through analytics that measure your website traffic. Not only can this help in giving you realistic data but it can assist in setting your business goals and growing your company. We consistently review your website analytics to see what is actually happening on your website. We look at traffic, time on site, searched keywords, referral sources, and many other variables to gain a clear understanding of your website’s current optimization and performance. Traditionally there are a ton of hidden gems in your analytics that can quickly help us identify issues and better optimize your website.

Competitor Research

How do you stack against the competition? So many times we talk to customers who have hired SEO companies that have never generated a report that shows them where they rank against their competition. One of the first things we do is identify your competitors to see where they rank and create a plan to rank you higher. We have professional SEO tools that can identify your list of competitors and provide additional competitors that you might not have identified yet.

Keyword Research

Know your top keyword phrases! This is valuable information as it is what your customers use to search online for businesses in your industry. As part of our process in getting your website to rank better, we do a ton of keyword research. We search for keywords and phrases that you are ranking for and identify the best opportunities for your efforts. We can find keyword gaps and target our efforts against your competitors.


Full Website Audit

A website audit for your company is just plain and simple… good business! It is your first step in seeing exactly what is happening on your site and setting a great strategy. We offer full SEO website auditing services and have the professional tools to obtain important information about your website. From on-page optimization reports, backlink reports, website heat mapping, visual customer behavior recordings, and so much more. There are so many factors involved in SEO that we need to do a deep dive into your website to better understand where our starting point is.


Most professionals know that backlinks can be a huge factor in gaining search engine rank placement. We have tools that can help look at your current backlinks and even look at who is linking to your competitors. These reports can be a quick way to help see where you can gain links and increase quality inbound links to your website. We can even help with identifying new opportunities to gain inbound links.


Landing Page Optimization

Successful landing pages will convert visitors to customers and send your profits soaring. We want to help you in converting this traffic from your website. One of the tactics we use is highly optimizing your key landing pages. This can be landing pages from search results or your online advertising efforts. We typically add heat mapping, conversion tracking code, and recordings to these pages so we can get as much data as possible to help us see how we can keep your website visitors engaged and convert them to a long term customer.

Funnels & Conversion Pages

Creating funnel and conversion pages can help you visualize what it tasks to convert a website visitor to a long-term client. Determining the steps to get a website visitor to become a long-term client can vary from business to business. Successful funnel strategies will include SEO, paid online ads, and other digital marketing strategies. When we build your website we want to make sure that we direct and guide your customers through opportunities for conversion on your website. Too many websites forget this highly important step and wonder why they are not getting any results from their website. Let’s get you results!

Tracking Tools

There are a ton of digital marketing tracking tools out there. We have tested all the top options and narrowed it down to the very best tracking tools in the industry. We also have a highly skilled team who knows how to use these valuable tools. We offer everything from heat mapping, screen recording, funnel tracking, inbound tracking, reverse customer lookups, and so much more.  Because we have been building websites for decades, we have identified which tools make the most sense for our customers’ needs and budgets.

Marketing & Monitoring

Inbound Marketing

This seems to be the buzzword right now but what is it? Inbound marketing is a method of marketing to your potential customers by offering relevant and valuable content and branding versus pushing your product out there to the wrong customers. Potential customers come to you already knowing the value in your product. We can help your inbound marketing efforts and can guide you through this process. We have various digital marketing efforts that can help. Video marketing has been a key element in attracting customers. Digital Attic has a professional in-house video department and full-time video production staff who can help create and deploy videos for your company and attract the best long term customers. Digital Attic will help you determine the best inbound strategies for your company.

Online Advertising & PPC

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising is a fast and trackable method of obtaining your digital marketing goals for your company. PPC works very well with other marketing channels and we can get you set up quickly for fast results. We use online advertising as a way to gain traffic from areas that are not ranking well in search results. Some people think that online advertising is expensive and is risky. We know that is not the truth and can show you how online advertising can be an effective way to drive traffic and convert leads through your website. We run everything from national product launch campaigns to local advertising for small businesses.

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