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Welcome to our playground for visual masterpieces.

Our Studio Space

Step into a realm where creativity knows no bounds. Our state-of-the-art studio space is meticulously designed to ignite imagination and elevate your video and photo projects beyond the ordinary. Here, every corner whispers a promise of innovation and excellence, transforming your next big idea into a breathtaking reality.

Unleashing Creative Excellence in Video and Photo Production

Digital Attic offers a state-of-the-art studio perfectly equipped for professional video and photo production. Catering to diverse client needs, from commercial photography to high-end video projects, the studio combines cutting-edge technology with creative expertise. Services include full-scale video production services, commercial photography, and bespoke creative solutions, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking top-tier content creation.

The Central Valley has limited on-location filming options.
Our studio offers a controlled, versatile environment for various filming scenarios, including green screen capabilities.

A large struggle is trying to visualize the end product.
Our team provides pre-production consultations and storyboarding to help bring your vision to life before filming begins.

But what about technology and equipment?
Our studio is equipped with the latest technology, ensuring high-quality production without needing external rentals. We know that gear isn’t everything, as it also takes skill to achieve the desired result, but it sure does help.

Product Videos

We have a wide range of product videos in their best light with our dynamic product video production services, perfect for marketing and e-commerce.

Photography Services

From studio headshots to creative photo shoots, our photography services capture the essence of our clients’ brands and stories.

Stop-Motion Animation

Bring stories to life with our stop-motion capabilities, ideal for unique and engaging content.

Green Screen Filming

Transport your audience anywhere with our green screen technology, which is perfect for creating immersive environments.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are vital for companies as they provide a concise and engaging way to convey complex information about products or services, helping to increase understanding, boost customer engagement, and potentially drive sales.

Corporate Video

Streamline corporate communication, showcasing company culture and values, and can drive engagement by presenting information in a dynamic, easily digestible format.

Promotional Video

Training videos facilitate learning by providing visual and auditory demonstrations that can be accessed and reviewed at one’s own pace, enhancing understanding and retention of complex information.

Web Background Video

Having a background video on your website is essential today as it enhances user engagement, provides a dynamic visual experience, and effectively conveys your brand’s story or message in an immersive and compelling way.

Animated Video

Animated videos can help businesses in their marketing by providing a visually engaging medium to effectively convey complex concepts, showcase products or services, and tell compelling brand stories that resonate with audiences and drive conversions.

Training Video

Highlight features and benefits, demonstrating the use and effectiveness of a product, which can help boost sales and customer understanding.

Recruitment Video

Creating a recruiting video can help businesses attract new employees by showcasing the company culture, work environment, and benefits engagingly, making potential candidates more likely to apply.

Case Study Video

Case study or testimonial videos are important now as they provide authentic, relatable experiences from satisfied customers or clients, thereby building trust and credibility for your brand, influencing purchasing decisions, and driving conversions.

Social Video Advertising

Social Video Advertising is crucial now because it leverages the power of visual storytelling on highly populated social platforms, allowing businesses to engage with their target audience in a more personal and interactive way, thus boosting brand awareness, engagement, and conversion rates.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Facilities

State-of-the-Art Equipment
Emphasize Digital Attic’s studio’s advanced technology and equipment. This can include high-quality cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and post-production facilities.

Versatile Studio Space
Highlight the flexibility of the studio space, which can accommodate a wide range of projects, from product shoots to full-scale professional video productions.

Expertise and Experience

Professional Crew
Stress the experience and skill of your team. Experienced professionals can significantly elevate the quality of the final product.

Creative Excellence
Showcase your portfolio or case studies to demonstrate your team’s ability to deliver creative and visually stunning results.

Convenience and Cost-Effectiveness

All-in-One Solution
We have positioned ourselves in a strategic location, having a single location that offers both filming and post-production services.

Cost Savings
Renting a fully equipped studio can be more cost-effective for clients than setting up a temporary filming location or purchasing the necessary equipment.

Unique Services

Diverse Range of Services
From green screen capabilities to stop-motion animation, we emphasize the variety of unique services that our studio offers.

Our services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and visions of different clients. That’s the beauty of our video and photo studio. 

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Competitive Edge

Stand Out with Quality Content
We create high-quality videos to help businesses stand out in their market, improve their branding, and effectively communicate with their audience.

Engagement and Impact
The importance of engaging video content in today’s digital landscape can significantly impact marketing and communication strategies.


If you need a combination indoor/outdoor shoot we are a short walk into Old Town Clovis.


We offer a professional setting to meet with your clients and show that your services and offerings are a step above the competition.


You don’t have to rely on good weather when you have our studio on speed dial and take advantage of our studio.


Building a studio is expensive. We have done the hard work in setting up this amazing space with all of the extras for you.


Whether it’s using our advanced lighting console, sound insulation, heating, and cooling, or wifi, client comforts matter!


Nobody wants a hungry. Food delivery or nearby restaurants is easy and accessible. We can provide craft services if needed.

Explore How Our State-of-the-Art Studio Spaces Elevate Projects Across Various Industries

Ultimately, when you succeed, we succeed. As a studio rental company, our priority is to give you everything you need to make fast progress and make sure you look professional to your customers. We will treat you right and help you through the process the entire way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Studio Rental Details

Our studio offers a variety of spaces, including a green screen setup, a traditional photography studio, and a space equipped for product shoots. Each area is designed to cater to different project needs.

You can book our studio by contacting us directly through our website or phone. Rental rates vary depending on the space and duration of the rental. We offer flexible booking options to suit your project needs.

We are open to a wide range of photography and video production projects. However, we maintain some restrictions for safety and legal reasons, which can be discussed in detail during the booking process.

Equipment and Facilities

Our studio rental includes professional lighting, backdrops, and a selection of cameras and lenses. Additional equipment can be rented upon request.

Yes, we have a team of experienced technicians who can assist with equipment setup and offer guidance on how to use it effectively for your project.

Yes, we offer a post-production suite equipped with the latest software for video editing, color grading, and sound mixing.

Services and Support

Absolutely! Since we are a video production agency, we have a team of skilled photographers and videographers available for hire to help bring your project to life.

Yes, our creative team can assist with project planning, storyboarding, and creative direction to ensure your vision is perfectly captured.

We have partnerships with local professionals who can provide makeup, wardrobe, and set design services. These can be coordinated upon request.

Client Accommodations

Yes, our studio is equipped with dressing rooms, a lounge area, and a kitchenette to ensure comfort for clients and models during shoots.

You are welcome to bring your own props or equipment. We just ask that you inform us in advance of space and safety considerations.

Yes, we have ample parking available for clients and crew right outside the studio.

Policies and Procedures

We offer a flexible cancellation and rescheduling policy. You can cancel or reschedule your booking up to 48 hours before the scheduled time without any penalty.

We require all renters to have standard liability insurance. This ensures protection for both the renter and the studio in case of any accidents or damage.

We take safety and privacy very seriously. Our studio is equipped with security measures, and we ensure that all projects are conducted in a private and secure environment. Client confidentiality is always a top priority.

Explore How Our State-of-the-Art Studio Spaces Elevate Projects Across Various Industries

Advertising Agencies

Create stunning ad campaigns with high-quality video and photo shoots. Access to versatile spaces and top-tier equipment for diverse advertising needs.

Film and Television Production Companies

Ideal for small to medium to large film and TV projects requiring a controlled environment. State-of-the-art facilities for shooting, editing, and post-production.

Fashion and Apparel Brands

Perfect for fashion shoots, lookbooks, and e-commerce photography. Versatile spaces for creative set designs and high-end fashion photography.

Corporate and Business Clients

For corporate videos, training modules, and promotional content. Professional setting to produce corporate content that resonates with target audiences.

Music Video Producers

Create visually captivating music videos with advanced audio-visual setups. Innovative spaces for artistic expression and music storytelling.

Independent Photographers and Videographers

It is ideal for freelancers needing a professional space for client projects. Affordable, high-quality studio space without the overhead of owning a studio.

Educational Institutions and Workshops

Conduct film and photography classes or workshops in a fully equipped studio. Hands-on learning experience in a professional environment.

As a leading video production agency, Digital Attic takes pride in its expert team and state-of-the-art studio. Our team of professionals is dedicated to catering to all your video and photography projects, ensuring exceptional results. Our studio provides a versatile space equipped with advanced technology, allowing us to bring your creative visions to life with precision and finesse.

We offer comprehensive services to meet your needs. We have you covered from video production and photography to green screen filming and post-production. Our experienced crew is committed to delivering high-quality outputs that exceed expectations. With our all-in-one solution, you can enjoy the convenience of having everything you need under one roof. And the best part? Our rates are affordable, making our services accessible to businesses of all sizes.

We have worked with various industries, including advertising, film, fashion, and education. We have assisted our clients in creating innovative and captivating content through our top-tier video production services. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to bring your vision to life in the most compelling way possible.

Choose us for all your video production services and experience the difference between working with a video production company passionate about delivering exceptional results.

Yes, we rent our studio space. We have many ways we can configure our studio space for you. Please take a look at some of the ways we can configure our space for you. We have hourly and daily pricing available.

White Cyc Studio For Rent

Looking for a studio in Central California? We offer a convenient location, premiere accommodations, studio amenities, and the professional crew you need to produce a great video. Click to see our studio in our white cyc wall configuration.

Photo Studio For Rent

Discover the perfect space for your creative captures with Digital Attic’s premium photo studio in Fresno. Our versatile studios are expertly equipped for various photography projects, from intimate newborn and portrait sessions to detailed product shoots. With our diverse and adaptable spaces, we are committed to helping you elevate your photography and bring your creative visions to life. Elevate Your Photography Today!

Music Video Studio For Rent

Unleash your musical vision at Digital Attic’s high-tech studio, where technology and creativity intersect to create your music video masterpiece. Our state-of-the-art studio is equipped with cutting-edge technology and designed for various filming scenarios, transforming your musical dreams into a captivating reality. Ready to take your music video production to the next level? Book Our Studio Now!

Podcast Studio For Rent

Combining top-notch equipment with a creative and comfortable environment, our state-of-the-art studio is designed to cater to both new and experienced podcasters. We offer a perfect blend of high-quality acoustics and cutting-edge recording technology in a serene setting, ensuring your audio projects come alive. With flexible rental options, competitive pricing, and a dedicated support team, we provide an unparalleled podcasting experience. Book Your Session Today!

Training Studio For Rent

Our state-of-the-art studios are equipped to elevate your training and educational video content across various industries, offering a seamless production experience. Our adaptable studios are armed with cutting-edge technology for tailored solutions, making us the perfect choice for educators, professionals, and more. We ensure a streamlined studio experience with easy booking, customizable spaces, and on-site professional assistance. Take your video projects to new heights with Digital Attic – Book Your Studio Now!

Green Screen Studio

Experience the best green screen studio at Digital Attic. It is fully equipped for any project scope and ready to help elevate your projects. Tours are available upon request as well. Click to see our options for our greenscreen options and our preconfigured setup options.

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