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Meet the Client

CHSU was founded in 2012 and set new records as the first medical university of its kind located in the Central Valley. With future plans to expand and offer new opportunities to incoming students, CHSU asked Digital Attic for help in establishing a professional, user-friendly multi-site to reach its online audience.

CHSU strives to inspire, train, and educate its diverse group of students to grow in the medical field and better serve local communities. Digital Attic took up the task to design three University websites for their medical, pharmacy and main University campus. The project involved strategy, design, development, and launch for the three sites.

Web Design & Development

CHSU offers award-winning programs to students looking to find careers in the medical field. Through the two current areas of study available via the College of Pharmacy and the College of Osteopathic Medicine, students are exposed to quality education and hands- on practice, invaluable experience that is sure to prepare them for the real world. Digital Attic spent many hours planning out wireframes and conceptualizing the best layout for the websites before designing the final product. Through lots of creativity and originality, our team was able to create a website full of information, interactive news stories and articles, resourceful videos, and much more. The CHSU website even has a customized page with a search menu dedicated specifically to helping students and employees find the next career opportunity available to them and the necessary steps to apply. The website truly is a reflection of CHSU’s mission to give back to its community and inspire the next generation of dedicated medical professionals.

Custom WordPress

The CHSU served as the master page for the other two sites Digital Attic developed. As such, Digital Attic took time to carefully plan and customize each page to fit the overall theme found across all three sites– almost like each site was a puzzle piece for the whole picture. Each page on the CHSU site is accessible with attention paid to font size, readability, and the careful placement of photographs and videos. It is a map to the university campus, sharing available mental health resources, class catalogues, campus tour videos, and a newsroom page to ensure the student population is always up to date with current trends, articles, studies, and the like. It’s a professional, transparent, and insightful site and we couldn’t be more proud of having played a role in accomplishing it!

Web Hosting and Maintenance

With the completion of its web development project, CHSU knew it needed to ensure that the new website was taken care of. That is why the university reviewed the hosting packages available to them and determined which one worked best for its needs. Under the advanced hosting plan the school selected, CHSU has uptime monitoring, SEO services, monthly analytics reports, competitor tracking, security updates, and upgraded servers that help to keep the websites running efficiently and securely. Digital Attic knows that varying businesses have different hosting needs which is why we’ve made it our priority to offer plans that cater to those needs.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Custom WordPress
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance

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