Central California Women’s Conference

Website Design | Mobile App Development | Registration & Ticketing System

Central California Women's Conference - Website design
Website Design & Development

The Central California Women’s Conference was established in 1988 by Ken Maddy, State Senator of Fresno. The ultimate goal for this organization is to educate, motivate and inspire women to be the best they can be in their professional and personal lives.

Digital Attic has supported this well-respected organization for the last seven years. Each year our relationship has grown as we all continue to push the envelope to make the website the most informative, easy to navigate and comprehensive hub for all information regarding the annual event. We continuously brainstorm, plan and design for CCWC so that each year the website is better than before.

Not only is this one good looking site, but it features an extremely easy to use interface.

In addition, we provided CCWC with a custom registration system that allows for multiple registration, easy credit card payments as well as email notifications.

The CCWC has provided support, inspiration, and guidance to women all over the Central Valley. Digital Attic is proud of its seven-year partnership and looks forward to many more years of collaboration!