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Meet the Client

JD Food has been serving the central California food industry for 60+ years. Digital Attic was excited when they were referred to us by a mutual business partner for a new website to showcase their local, family owned offerings.

JD Food needed a platform to communicate with its desired market by telling a story of their capabilities through a new website. They know it is crucial to convert its traffic into loyal customers by creating a responsive, streamlined, and simplified website, a perfect goal for marketing an essential business.

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Web Design & Development

Serving local restaurateurs, food manufacturers, and retailers throughout Central California requires a website that will serve as a 24/7 information and sales outlet. Their website needed to be simplified and streamlined to incorporate important marketing funnels and messages. Salespeople are a key to JD Foods success so built in sales funnels to assist their staff was a necessity.

Content Management Systems

Our team has made it easier for JD Food to update the website through our Content Management System. The system allows the JD team to publish blog posts, pictures and videos for important relevant updates. The JD Food team is trained by Digital Attic on making the updates and our support department is available to answer any questions or perform more technical and complicated updates to the website.

Custom WordPress

At Digital Attic we know every business has different needs for website development. We specialize in creating customized options based on what is most important to our clients. A Custom WordPress website was created for JD Food using wireframes customized to their specific requests. This includes showcasing industries served, a service area map, and product guides for quick and accessible information.

  • Web Design and Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • Custom WordPress