Building a National Brand

The beverage industry is ultra-competitive and the competition gets fiercer in the health and nutrition category. New brands are constantly emerging, and they’re all fighting for the same customers and shelf space. Gingerona was just such a brand. Its creators used their decades of health knowledge and beverage development to create a truly natural and uniquely flavored drink that consumers loved once they tasted it, but they needed a way to stand out and connect with consumers. The newly formed company needed a brand that clearly communicated Gingerona’s benefits and helped differentiate it from the tons of competitors.

Gingerona full website screenshot layout

The Backstory

The Gingerona co-founders had worked for years to perfect the beverage’s natural recipe and now needed to bring their product to market. This meant that they had to make the drink “real” for both distributors and consumers alike. That’s when they came to us. The Gingerona name had already been solidified, but we worked side by side the company’s leadership in providing brand development and logo design services. The goal was to target already health-conscious consumers and create awareness and preference for Gingerona, not to convert new members into the market segment. This audience is very knowledgeable about health issues and inundated by millions of product claims. To differentiate from the brand, we had to position the drink as authentic and high quality, but not unattainable. The logo embodies these characteristics by using warm and earthy colors paired with a sleek and modern font.

Creating Shelf Presence

But the client didn’t ask us to stop at the logo. Our talented graphic design team also created the bottle label artwork. The product needed to clearly stand out among the other products on crowded store shelves and we achieved this by focusing on Gingerona’s intrinsic characteristics. We utilized the natural color tones from the product ingredients and logo throughout the label against a white background for visual pop. We also displayed the product ingredients splashing down in the beverage to convey a strong sense of refreshment and to allude to a natural process used in making Gingerona.

Gingerons 3d rendering product label artwork

Gingerona website design portfolio mobile and desktop view

Engaging Online

To engage with consumers and distributors online, we built a custom designed web site using responsive web design techniques for optimized user experience across all devices, including desktop, notebook, tablet, and smartphone. The site educates users on the product benefits, how it’s made, key company information, and where the product can be purchased. We also used our custom CMS (content management system) to provide the client with the ability to easily manage their web site content, such as a news section. An E-commerce shopping cart was also integrated with the site to enable online product sales. We collaborated with the client to create an effective web site strategy and user flow system to help guide users through the site so they can learn more about what makes Gingerona different from other beverages on the market. Additionally, our creative team provided copywriting services in developing the text of the web site. The goal was to create the right voice and language that supported the brand image and to also enhance the site’s SEO (search engine optimization) value. The client also wanted to create an organic social following for the brand, so we integrated real-time social media feeds for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into the bottom of the web site’s pages.

Selling the Brand

Getting retail buyers and distributors to believe in the product was critical to getting Gingerona into stores. We helped with this process by designing professional sales tools that were used by Gingerona’s leadership in brokering placement deals. In addition to getting into grocery stores and markets, the client wanted to build customers by gaining placement in restaurants and health food markets. We designed point of sale pieces such as tent cards and various signage to support this effort.

Gingerona branding sales tools