Casa Corona

Website Design & Development

Built on core family values, Casa Corona is a favorite among Mexican food enthusiasts in Fresno. This well-loved restaurant has been in business since 1999. It is locally owned and operated by siblings Armando, Melina, and Elsa Rodriguez.

The restaurant is committed to serving heartwarming dishes and providing a great venue for people to enjoy the Mexican vibe and experience. It has been hailed as the Best Mexican Restaurant in the valley by the People’s Choice Awards and the California Restaurant Association for many years.

Casa Corona is as big on experience as they are on their cuisines. They have events where diners experience their distinct fun, family atmosphere.  Customers can also order  online, buy frozen food, or get party trays.

Web Design and Development

As their business and customer base grew, the need for a better website became even more evident. Digital Attic was more than happy to help them transition to a more modern website that incorporated their menu, delivery, and pick up.

The team made sure to bring the fun, family, and Mexican vibe to their website by creating a design that spoke of what the restaurant stood for. The team wanted the website to be a reflection of why people not just dine in their restaurant but also enjoy the whole experience. The visuals give site visitors that fun, happy vibe.