Sierra Cascades Multisport

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logo design printed on stationary example
Logo Design

Sierra Cascades Multisport Productions is well-known in for putting on some of the best triathlon competitions in California’s Central Valley. The company had started out small but was rapidly growing and needed to develop a solid brand identity that would help gain credibility and that conveyed the rugged toughness of the events. Additionally, brand new web design was needed to enhance the company’s online presence.

Stationary Design

We worked with the client to identify the key characteristics and spirit of the new brand image. Our creative design team work diligently and created a logo that perfectly captured the tone the client desired. The resulting logo has the edginess of outdoor sports but uses clean fonts to convey professionalism and credibility. We also designed business cards and corporate stationery, including letterhead and envelopes, to provide the client with a consistent branding throughout its communications.

logo design printed on envelopes cards and stationary