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Meet the Client

Cooper Chase Construction is a general and masonry construction company made up of professionals dedicated to bringing their clients’ building projects to life.

Cooper Chase reached out to Digital Attic in the hopes of revamping its current website to showcase their two distinct offerings of General Construction and Masonry Construction. The new website is visually appealing with great imagery. Design – Build – Deliver is the tagline of Cooper Chase and we couldn’t agree more as our design and development teams worked to design, build, and deliver this beautiful website.

Web Design & Development

Cooper Chase Construction has decades of experience meeting with clients and working with them to bring brand new construction to life. With Digital Attic’s creative skills and planning, the company was able to add a modern, sleek, and professional new look to its company site that also showcased the types of projects it had managed in the past. Our design team brainstormed, drafted, and built out an easy-to-navigate layout with custom designed web pages dedicated to Cooper Chase’s mission, projects, and services. Complete with a fully developed portfolio displaying professionally photographed construction projects, a contact us page, and a project locator tool to find recent projects around your area, the website is truly a work of art!

Web Hosting and Maintenance

Cooper Chase Construction knows that every construction project has a list of necessary steps that need to be followed in order to create a building that will last. Websites work in a similar fashion. In order to maintain websites that run optimally and continue to work as intended by generating online traffic, new leads, and creating an online presence, a website must be kept up to date. Cooper Chase Construction found the perfect hosting plan with Digital Attic to ensure its brand new website was taken care of. Under these hosting plans websites have SSL certificates, security updates, monthly analytics reports, uptime monitoring, monthly maintenance time, and more. Check out our hosting plans to find the one that best works for your company and website.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance