World Ag Expo

Website Design & Development

world ag expo website design portfolio layout
The Backstory

The International Agri-Center is the driving force behind the famous World Ag Expo, the California Antique Farm Equipment Show, the AgVentures! Learning Center, and manages its own event facilities. The non-profit corporation is a global face in representing California agriculture, and they were struggling through the challenges of an aging web site. The center’s executive leadership wanted a new web design that was fresh and attractive. Plus the site needed to be easily updated by the center’s internal staff. Big changes were needed to create a world-class image.

The center’s needs in supporting four separate groups coupled with the requirement of easy user management demanded a non-traditional solution. So we put on our creative hats and delivered a unique content management system featuring a custom design that merged multiple web sites into one.

Merging Multiple Sites

The need to easily manage content for multiple organizations was real, but building separate sites wasn’t feasible. So we designed and programmed a custom content distribution system tied to separate sites, each with a unique URL. This custom software enables the center’s staff to conveniently update content through a single portal and have it pushed to the web location of their choice. Front end transitions are seamless to the public, and the backend directory keeps all content neatly organized.

Maintaining The Brand

Corporate brand cohesion was important. The client wanted the public to see each group as part of the International Agri-Center family. So we devised a universal interface that employs separate background color tones matched to each division. This prevents the confusion of jumping to divergent design themes and comfortably orients users to the site transitions. Additionally, in-page linking techniques were used to streamline site navigation and negate egregious multiple browser window openings.