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Meet the Client

W & W Concrete is a locally based, family owned company that was first founded in 1964. The company came to Digital Attic to create a functional, informative website that served to lead potential customers to W & W.

With decades of experience, W & W specializes in custom concrete design for residential and commercial properties. They are well known for providing quality service to their clients and wanted a site that could serve to extend their outreach.

Web Design & Development

Digital Attic worked with W & W Concrete to meet the company’s specific needs. With careful consideration paid to the company’s brand and aesthetic, our design team was able to develop a site that served as an extension of the company. The objective was to design something that was simple and easy to navigate with a Contact Us page to help generate new leads.

Custom Photo Gallery

W & W Concrete knew it needed a site that was straightforward, professional, and could leave a lasting impact on potential clients. For that reason, our creative team worked alongside the company to create a customizable photo gallery that boasted professional photography of projects. Paired with the simplicity of the home page and Contact Us form, W & W Concrete and Digital Attic designed an original website that worked for the company’s needs.

  • Web Design & Development
  • Custom Photo Gallery