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About The Client

P. Cottontail & Co. came to Digital Attic needing an extensive e-commerce store built for their growing base of online shoppers. With their brick and mortar store being a success in Half Moon Bay they knew e-commerce was the next step to success.

With an extremely high return customer base P. Cottontail & Co. wanted to make more options available for their shoppers. The e-commerce store offers items built into categories, new product features, special collections, and popular brands featured on the website.

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Web Design and Development

This beautifully designed website is clean, easy to navigate and shows the boutique brands P. Cottontail & Co. is known for. The e-commerce platform can be customized to fit the needs of any type of business and is easily editable. New products can be easily added along with shipping and payment updates.

E-commerce Systems

P. Cottontail understands the value of online shopping. When Digital Attic added e-commerce to their marketing and sales options it helped to expand business, offered a new level of convenience, and allowed new opportunities for growth.

  • Website Design & Development
  • E-Commerce Systems