About the Client

Joaquin Valley Properties is a licensed real estate and broker firm based in Fresno, CA. The team chose to partner with a local digital design team for a set of projects.

Joaquin Valley Properties approached Digital Attic as a part of a larger project to rebrand multiple associated companies. This real estate sales company needed a logo that was powerful and impactful.


Joaquin Valley Properties has accumulated a growing number of properties and business partnerships over the years in Fresno County. In an attempt to expand its connections and reach out to neighboring communities, the real estate company worked with Digital Attic to work on rebranding itself into a professional and modern company that could be trusted. The goal was to rebrand the company with a professional tone and image that could open up new opportunities. With this concept in mind, Digital Attic set out to design a new logo and materials to tie into the brand.

For Digital Attic, the challenge was to make sure the logo was flexible to fit within a larger brand strategy as well as being able to stand on its own. The design team researched and tried to incorporate a variety of font styles and graphic elements to find the logo that best fit the client. We wanted a logo that was custom, sleek, modern, and would inspire confidence as well as trust in potential clients and business partners. Digital Attic finalized a logo that would stand out without being overpowering in the final concept: A blue property outline with a white key space above the company name.

Digital Attic provides custom sales material packages to supplement the branding strategies we offer to clients. Joaquin Valley Properties needed an entire new inventory of business cards, file folders, envelopes, and stationery now that it had a new logo. Digital Attic took care to design each item carefully with the correct graphics before printing the desired materials for the client. We provide premium quality paper for all printable materials including fliers, banners, brochures, and more.

  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Business Cards