Babak Roshdieh

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Logo Design

One of the pivotal steps that many business owners accidentally look over is their overall brand strategy including design, color scheme, and logo. Some may not see the value in it until it’s too late.

Our innovative design team here at Digital Attic takes the time to get to know each of our clients and the vision for their business. This helps us treat each ad every logo design and branding project individually, meeting their needs by reflecting their unique brand voice and vision.

Stationary Design

The design experience that we had with Babak Roshdieh, M.D. was a particularly pleasing one as we developed a brand identity that was consistent on several levels. The idea behind this particular client’s brand was to establish a feeling of professionalism, structure, strong history of success, and authority within his field. 

These qualities were all reflected within the design of this project from the color choice to the use of ancient Greek design in the background. The matte vs gloss design of the business cards was a strategic choice to help our client’s business stand out from the rest in a very professional way. 

The entire brand design was reflected consistently from letterhead design, business card design, and other promotional product design. Here is what the overall design project consisted of: 

If you are interested in developing your business’s brand starting with a logo design that can be reflected on all o your promotional products, do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to have our design professionals collaborate on your behalf and develop something specialized for your company!