Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It’s very frustrating to see competitors leapfrogging you in web search rankings and do not know why. But we can help you figure out what’s happening and give you actionable strategies to be more competitive.

Search engine optimization is much more complicated than in the past.  Knowing what ranking factors are most important to your company and website can play a difference in rank placement.  On-page, factors can help with rank but don’t always change your rank in the search results.  We highly recommend a holistic approach to website development, search engine optimization, online marketing, and even offline marketing.

Google has stated there are over 270 parts to its algorithm and changes are constantly being made. This means that fighting for search engine rank placement (SERP) is like warfare. Everyone is constantly adjusting tactics and watching to see if they hit the mark. But accuracy is critical to achieving your goal. We can help lift the veil from SERP and show you exactly what targets you need to hit to better compete with your rivals. In war, the side with the best intelligence has the advantage. Let us help decode the mystery surrounding SERP and provide you with strategies based on good information. We live and breathe SERP so we can do a better job of serving you.