Content Distribution Systems

Digital Attic has built an innovated way of managing content across multiple web sites on the Internet.

How do you manage multiple domains or web sites when some of the content might overlap?

Many of our clients are now managing multiple web sites and needed a way to manage all of them in one place.

We challenged our development team to create a system to manage multiple domains, multiple designs, and multiple device detection. We have built a web site management system that allows you to do just that. Our Content Distribution System allows you the ability to log into a single web administration system and manage all of your web sites.

Multiple Domain Control

Our Content Distribution System allows for cross domain administration. You can control content on each of your domains from a single login administration system. You can edit a single piece of content in one place and distribute across all of your web sites.

Multiple Design Control

We have built this system to be a smart system to help make the management of your web sites easy. One of the advanced features of our Content Distribution System allows for design (or theme) detection. For example, if you had a page of content that was distributed across two domains (web sites) the system would automatically detect where you are coming from and which web site theme to display. This system is great for news organizations or web deployments that have a need to post content across multiple controlled web sites.

Multiple Device Detection

Another feature that comes standard with our Content Distribution System is the ability to distribute content that is device specific. You can distribute mobile content to a specific domain or web site and determine that is specific to only smart phones or tablets. This way you can write content that is more relevant to viewers though our device specific distribution system.

The focus of this system’s design is to take a complex distribution and management nightmare, and make a single source solution for our customers. In addition, this system comes standard with a permission system and workflow to help manage this solution.