One of the best ways to catch your audience’s attention is with video…but how do you connect with them?

4 Reasons Why

As a business owner, you probably wear many hats, although the marketing hat doesn’t always fit right. Our digital marketing agency is happy to wear that one for you and do all the thinking, strategizing, and mobilizing that comes along with it.

We know all too well that it’s important to understand the way people think (especially the way that people buy) when it comes to marketing and developing strategies. When it comes to social proof, 9 out of 10 times people will be influenced to purchase based on another person’s positive experience with a company. It’s just human nature to be influenced by those around you.

Our job is to leverage that information and use it in a way that will benefit your business. What better way to do so than by filming and producing a video testimonial. Here are 4 reasons why you should consider working with a Fresno video production company to film your testimonial videos.

1. Video is the primary way that people receive information nowadays.

More than ever before, video is mainstream. The creative possibilities are endless and the marketing opportunities are infinite.

When it comes to creating testimonial videos, our local video marketing company can handle the entire process from start to finish. The most you would need to consider is who your ideal customer would be for testimonials and proving to them that you have a business worth bragging about.

2. Whether you know it or not, your customers respect credibility.

When you think of what your business has to offer at the baseline–simply your products and services–there are probably at least a few competitors out there. Although you may have a competitive edge in a few advantageous ways, customers don’t look for what makes you different. Among other determinants, they look for factors that build trust to make them feel comfortable buying from you. 

High-quality testimonial videos show that other customers have been pleasantly pleased with your products and services straight from your loyal customer’s mouth. 

3. Your customers are connecting the dots.

As mentioned above, humans are social creatures. One of the best ways for us to learn is to provide a visual. This is especially true if we can remember a face. 

When your past customer appears on video, your potential new customer has a better chance of connecting with them personally depending on how they relate to them. 

It’s also possible to strategize emotional testimonial videos, pulling on your audience’s heartstrings. The more ways that your new viewers are connecting with your videos, the better the chance of them clicking that “buy” button.

4. Make a lasting impression on your customers…and the internet.

What goes on the internet, staying on the internet. Why not make a great impression with an all-inclusive Fresno video production company? Leaving testimonials for future customers to find is a great way to plan for longevity in this whole digital marketing game. 

Unlike other forms of marketing such as commercials, radio, and even PPC ads, you won’t have to purchase these over and over again. High-grade testimonial videos are the gift that just keeps on giving. Plus, you can place them anywhere–on your website, landing pages, YouTube channels, and social media platforms.

Ready to start rolling?

As you can see, the benefits of testimonial videos alone are practically limitless. When you choose to work with us, we can help you plan your perfect testimonial video plan from strategy to even filming on-site or in our all-encompassing Fresno video production studio. From there, our team is already thinking of the best ways to market your brand new video to your ideal audience. 

If you’re ready to start, feel free to contact us to discuss your next video project or fill out our quick contact form here!