Nowadays, all of your questions can be answered in a split second. Despite the fact that consumers have a million questions that may affect their buying patterns, they also have a million and one ways to answer those questions with a quick Google search. 

“Hmm…what do I want for lunch today?” or “How much will it be to change my tires?” are just some of the many thoughts that consumers can experience on a daily basis. Not only are the choices at the consumers’ fingertips, but they demand answers immediately. 

This combination of unlimited resources and an “I want it now” attitude can make it difficult to really affect people online enough to make a sale…that’s if you haven’t taken advantage of your local Fresno video marketing team. Video marketing is a great way to capture consumer “micro-moments” and benefit from them. 

The Overlap Between Human Behavior and Consumer Behavior

It’s true that consumers are humans, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a difference between consumer behaviors and general behavior. There are differences–but more importantly, note that the overlap between the two is the sweet spot us marketers call “the micro-moment.” 

Human behaviors can vary between logical and emotional, pessimistic and optimistic, and even trusting and envious. Usually, the assortment of human behaviors rely on the perception of the person at hand and their reaction to whatever they are perceiving. 

Consumer behaviors are different in the way that they’re classified on how a person decides to purchase products or services. However, the overlap is that usually people are more persuaded to buy when their emotional (or human) behaviors are triggered. 

A micro-moment is that precise instant where your audience turns to its digital device for the answer to their questions. This offers a prime time to insert your company/product/service in front of them. Don’t miss the chance to play on those emotions to trigger these human and consumer behaviors. During this time, you have an opportunity to make a sale depending on how awesome your deal is. 

Why Are Micro-Moments Important?

As mentioned earlier, micro-moments are when people reflexively turn to their device to the answer to their questions–including consumer questions. These particular moments are extremely special and your company needs to care about them because they are when decisions are made and personal preferences are shaped. 

More and more consumers are less brand-committed, which means that they don’t care about a well-known brand–they just want their needs met. This means that sometimes consumers may purchase from a competitor because they truly have no preference, which means that you can “steal” your competitor’s customers, too. Finally, staying relevant will increase your brand awareness regardless and you’re more likely to be remembered after all is said and done. 

With the increasing dependence on smartphones and other immediate devices, it’s imperative that brands pay attention to their quality, relevance, and useful marketing strategies to maintain that competitive edge. 

How Can a Fresno Video Marketing Team Help Capture Micro-Moments?

We’re going to take it back to human and consumer behaviors. The harsh reality about marketing in this upbeat digital space is that many people do not have the attention span to really digest all of the information that you may want to advertise. Even worse, people don’t like to read too often, either. 

Fresno video production is a great way to stand out from the competition during these precious micro-moments. Video is quick, creative, attention-grabbing, and innovative. There are so many different types of videos that you can use to market your company, it just depends on the results that you’re looking for. 

If you’re unsure of the type of video that you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our local video strategists. We would be happy to schedule a brainstorming session to show how our digital office can help you capture those micro-moments and make the most out of them.