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Does website accessibility & ADA affect your business?

The short answer is YES!

Americans With Disabilities Act

Every business website should be ADA compliant.

ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) has typically been thought of only in regards to brick and mortar locations. However, over the past few years with the importance of online services accessibility now includes your website.

Creating and keeping websites accessible to people with all kinds of disabilities affects everyone with a website.


Motor & Mobility

Color Blindness


Blurred Vision

Cognitive Disorders


Cataracts & More

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions every website owner is asking:

Today through the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all business websites have to be accessible to people with all types of disabilities. The Law prohibits discrimination based on disability for all places of public accommodation. This doesn’t just mean brick-and-mortar facilities but also websites.

There has been a large rise in lawsuits against businesses without any efforts toward website accessibility. Every day the number of website accessibility lawsuits nearly tripled. 

Due to the alarming rise in lawsuits, our team has been urgently searching for immediate solutions. Until now the best alternative was to hire someone to manually change the website’s code or install a web accessibility plugin. Those solutions are expensive and slow.

We have found an automatic, simple, and affordable solution. There is a reliable automatic system that can achieve the level of compliance needed within 48 hours through a company called accessiBe. We have spent hours on calls with attorneys, people with disabilities, and website professionals reviewing this system and testing it on our website. We feel confident in offering this same solution to our clients. The annual service price starts at low cost making it affordable for everyone.

At Digital Attic we feel it is our responsibility to notify you directly about important issues like this. We strongly recommend that you address these issues quickly to avoid receiving a demand letter and having to get into costly legal litigation.

Compliance Benefits

Help your search engine rankings with AccessiBe

With over 1 billion websites it can be difficult to navigate which ones are up to date and accessible. That’s why search engines reward active websites, updating their content, secure, and accessible.

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