There are many perks to DVDs over other hard copy items.

 DVDs are durable, hold tons of information and have become the number one media format for players in peoples’ homes and offices. Digital Attic has the equipment to take your old formatted videos like VHS and 8mm tapes and put them on a DVD.

Hey… We’ve got Blu-Ray!

Why not bring that old 8mm back to life? Make duplications of your home or training videos with your own custom printed DVD.

We can make any number of copies, incorporate user-friendly DVD navigation, create a customized DVD menu, and encode the DVD in a high-quality format.

Produce High Quality DVD

If you want a professionally produced DVD we have the equipment and resources in-house to complete the project for you. We can convert your existing video or build you one from scratch, design a DVD label, and produce as many copies as you need.