Viva Be Bowl’d

Website Design & Development

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The Food Industry keeps growing by the day with new players emerging from just about everywhere. It is important to stand out, and that’s what Viva Be Bowl’d did by offering healthy, portable, and fun-to-eat options that are both fresh and inspirational.

Elsa Rodriguez Killion, who also owns Casa Corona alongside her siblings, has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. With her firm belief in providing fresh ingredients to the body and her passion for being bold and creative with her dishes, she was able to start a restaurant that offers great meals for people with various eating styles – whether it involves paleo, vegetarian, vegan, or flexitarian diets and eating specifications.

Website Design and Development

Viva Be Bowl’d came to Digital Attic for their website needs. The team designed and developed a modern and responsive website for them that conveniently allows online orders. Fresh and Fun-to-eat are the themes that this restaurant revolves around, so Digital Attic wanted to make sure that the website reflects that. This comprehensive website features vibrant, eye-catching visuals that equal the freshness and creativity of the menu they offer.